Raquel Welch Colour Chart

Colors shown may vary from actual.
Only certain colors are available for each item, listed under “Color Choice” on the item page. 
If uncertain of your color selection, please purchase a color ring prior to your item purchase.

Raquel Welch Color Descriptions:

“S” and “S+” Colors: Specifically blended in the front and crown with highlights and lowlights that compliment the basic color. The multi-dimensional blends reflect the latest coloring trends in top hair salons throughout the country.

Foil Colors: Multi-tonal shades specifically created to reflect today’s dramatic color blends. They include and all over base color with two contrasting highlight colors around the face.

“SS” Shadow Shade (Rooted Colors): Slightly enhanced at the root area for a natural and realistic look without overdoing the overall effect.

Tru2Life Colors: Synthetic hair fiber that is heat resistant, and can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools up to 350ºF.

HH Colors: Human hair colors.


R2 – Ebony

R4 – Midnight Brown

R6 – Dark Chocolate

R7S – Glazed Coffee

R8 – Dark Cinnamon

R829S – Glazed Hazelnut

R830 – Ginger Brown

R9S – Glazed Mahogany

R10 – Chestnut

R11S – Glazed Mocha

R12T – Pecan Brown

R14T – Sunkist Brown

R13S – Glazed Toast

R13/23 – Pecan Mist

R14/88H – Golden Wheat

R16 – Honey Blonde

R21T – Sandy Blonde

R22 – Swedish Blonde

R23S – Glazed Vanilla

R25 – Ginger Blonde

R101 – Pearl Platinum

R1416T – Buttered Toast

R1621S – Glazed Sand

R1627 – Butterscotch Blonde

R2026S – Glazed Apricot

R27T – Ginger Red

R28S – Glazed Fire

R29S – Glazed Strawberry

R30 – Auburn

R33 – Dark Auburn

R130 – Dark Copper

R133S – Glazed Cranberry

R3025S – Glazed Cinnamon

R3329S – Glazed Auburn

R6/30H – Chocolate Copper

R6F31 – Chocolate Foil

R8/25 – Golden Walnut

R9F26 – Mocha Foil

R12/26H – Honey Pecan

R13F25 – Praline Foil

R14/25 – Honey Ginger

R29F22 – Strawberry Foil

R30/27H – Auburn Mist

R33F28 – Burgundy Foil

R1020 – Buttered Walnut

R36 – Mink Mist

R38 – Smoked Walnut

R44 – Steel Gray

R48 – Walnut Mist

R51G – Gradient Pewter

R56 – Smoke

R56/60 – Silver Mist

R60 – White Mist

R119G – Gradient Smoke

R4460S – Glazed Silver
Shadow Shades

SS8/25 – SS Golden Walnut

SS8/29 – SS Hazelnut

SS10 – SS Chestnut

SS11/29 – SS Nutmeg

SS14/25 – SS Honey Ginger

SS25 – SS Ginger Blonde

SS28 – SS Glazed Fire

SS29/20 – SS Strawberry Blonde

SS130 – SS Dark Copper

SS14/88 – SS Golden Wheat
Human Hair Colors

R1HH – Black

R3HH – Dark Brown

R4HH – Chestnut Brown

R5HH – Light Reddish Brown

R6HH – Medium Auburn

R7HH – Strawberry Blonde

R8HH – Golden Blonde

R9HH – Light Golden Blonde

R10HH – Palest Blonde